Jordan to be the first country in the Middle East to host the 2022 Global Land Forum (GLF)

It will be the first time in the event’s history that theGlobal Land Forum (GLF) is hosted by a country in the Middle East, part of an important and newly expanding region for the International Land Coalition. The GLF is organised under the Patronage of His Majesty King Abdullah II ibn AL Hussein, and co-hosted by SEEDs, the Ministry of Agriculture of Jordan and the European Union.

Why Jordan?

Located at the intersection between Asia, Europe, and Africa, Jordan represents an 'oasis of stability' in the region. While its size is relatively modest, it has a long history of empires and civilizations that have helped to shape the country into what it is now. Despite facing serious challenges such as water scarcity, conflict, displacement, and migration – Jordan hosts the world's largest proportion of refugees and has a culture of tolerance, valuing its ethnically and religiously diverse population, which contribute to the country's stable and peaceful climate. Jordan is hosting the Global Land Forum with the goal of involving young people in the country and region in the creation of a more sustainable future.

The Global Land Forum (GLF)

The GLF is site of the triannual meeting of all member organizations of the International Land Coalition and a reference for the global land community. It is a unique event to advance understanding of the complex and dynamic political, economic, environmental and social linkages between land governance, food security, poverty and democracy.

It brings together grassroots organisations, local and international NGOs, research institutions, multilateral organisations and government agencies from around the world. This diverse group of participants, who may not commonly interact –from activists to ministers– debate, learn from one another, identify solutions, strategize and build linkages.

To design an event that addresses the most pressing land issues for the host country and region while providing a global context, the ILC and National Organising Committee (NOC) work closely together. As such, the GLF is a catalyst for the host country to develop a vision and roadmap for land governance based on local and national priorities. The event is also a space for the global land community to propose debates and workshops and actively engage in their development.

GLF: Pathways to climate solutions

The 2022 GLF takes place in a crucial historical moment, in which scientists are alerting that the window for avoiding a global disaster is narrowing, and progress on Sustainable Development Goals is imperative. In light of scientific warnings and of the daily work of the ILC network, the global theme of the event will explore pathways to climate solutions. The discussions will additionally focus on six relevant themes for the EMENA region. These are:


How to decentralise land administration while promoting transparency? How to resolve disputes effectively? How to protect rural land against urban expansion and achieve equitable and sustainable access to land?

Climate change:

What are the links between land, water, food and energy in a context of water scarcity and food insecurity? How can we best promote sustainable agriculture, food systems and locally managed ecosystems?

Rural youth:

How can we support a youth movement and help create income-generating opportunities on land, including through “land funds” to help transform abandoned land? What solutions exist to revert migration and foster positive urban dynamics?

Partnership building:

What regional land governance processes can we engage relevant actors in to cohesive and sustainable regional society?

Women’s equal rights:

How can customary and statutory systems deliver equal land and inheritance rights for women and contribute to the empowerment of women and girls?


What role does secure access to land, including in occupied territories, refugee settlements and for returning refugees, have in preventing and resolving conflicts?


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