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What is the Global Land Forum Youth?

ILC, in collaboration with the Ministry of Youth of the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan, the Jordanian Hashemite Fund for Human Development (JOHUD), and the King Abdullah Fund, is hosting the Global Land Forum Youth (GLFY), the first ever ILC global event dedicated to youth. The forum will take place in Jordan and will be co-hosted and facilitated by SEEDS.

The GLFY will begin on the 21st of May 2022, just before the ILC Global Land Forum (GLF), the ILC flagship event that brings together ILC members, partners, and the broader land community to advance understanding and plan joint actions of the linkages between land, food systems, poverty, inequality, and democracy toward people-cantered land governance. The GLFY will gather 100 young people (age 18 to 35) in Jordan to convene, exchange ideas, build networks and propose a youth agenda to address the main challenges young people face in accessing land and protecting their territories. Participants will come from ILC members around the world (from Asia, Africa, Latin America and the Caribbean and Europe, Middle East and North Africa), and from Jordan and Palestine.

How is the GLFY organized?

Two thematic pillars will structure/guide the various activities that the GLFY offers. They will allow an enriching dialogue and learning between the Jordanian reality, and the global and regional views of the ILC. These main topics are:

Youth building sustainable livelihoods:

This is about how youth can have and build a dignified life in rural areas. It includes youth strategies to access land, to promote youth engagement in agriculture/pastoralism, to have decent employment and adequate resources for family farming and entrepreneurship, with emphasis on agro-ecology as a way of building sustainable production systems.

Youth leading the way towards a more peaceful sustainable world:

This is about how young people play a role in: i) adapting to and mitigating the effects of the climate crisis; ii) restoring ecosystems (for which securing land rights is necessary and which in turn is a source of employment generation for young people --focus in Jordan is on eco-tourism), and iii) leadership and advocacy for change (youth strategies for change, mobilising communities, leading people’s movements, building networks…)

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These two thematic pillars will also guide the preparatory phase of the GLFY. At this stage, youth in the different regions will reflect together on their main challenges, and agree on common regional views and proposals for achieving their right to land. Then, all regions will come together to validate the GLFY agenda (sub-themes and activity formats), and define the immediate steps and roles for the elaboration of the youth declaration/agenda.

Who are the participants?

Participants of the GLFY are the 23 fellows of the ILC Future Leaders Fellowship, 20 young representatives from other ILC members (5 from each region) selected through an open call, and 50 representatives from Jordan and Palestine.

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