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"ILC EMENA is a regional platform on land governance issues in Europe, the Middle East, and North Africa, which believes people should be central in the policy agenda and discourse on land, that there should be dialogue of parties to address land related governance and issues, and that local people should be empowered and organized to actualize their land rights." - EMENA Strategy 2019-2021

ILC EMENA 2019-2021 Regional Strategy

ILC EMENA Regional Strategy 2019-2021

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This document is the first attempt to draft a Regional Strategy for members of the Europe, Middle East, and North Africa Region. It was drafted by the EMENA Focal Point and ILC Secretariat team in collaboration with members, based on inputs coming from previous discussions in Dana – Jordan (Regional Assembly 2017), Bandung – Indonesia (Regional Assembly 2018), and Torrecuso – Italy (Regional Assembly 2019).

2016-2021 ILC Strategy

2016-2021 Strategy

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During the 2015 Assembly of Members, held in Dakar, Senegal on the 15th of May 2015, members of the Coalition adopted a new Strategy for the period 2016-2021.