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Discussion on the Women’s Land Rights CBI started in Dana, Jordan, in 2017. A group worked on a first draft strategy in June 2018, and at the regional assembly that year in Bandung, more members joined the platform. In January 2019, members came together in Tirana, Albania for a meeting on Women’s Land Rights in order to discuss challenges and common priorities for collective action. A temporary rotating organising committee was established on a voluntary basis to write the strategy, the first draft of which is currently under consultation. The Committee is composed by Albora Kacani (NFCFPA), Amina Amharech (Azul), Lorraine Walker (DQLCC), and Sead Gashi (NAPFO).

Travel to Tirana – Albania in January 2019: EMENA Members involved: NFCFPA, TWA, CNVP, NAPFO, NGO Bios, TyN, IComunales, ACAD, PARC, DQLCC, Seeds, Azul