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The Common Agricultural Policy is the most powerful policy of the EU, the first import-export market in the world, and puts a lot of pressure on biodiversity in Europe.

Discussion on a Commitment Based Initiative on the Commons and the Common Agricultural Policy began in Granada, Spain, in 2017 and concluded in Segovia in 2019 in order to establish a Common Strategy for the support and recognition of common governance of natural resources in Europe. The main objective of the CBI is to influence the policies and practices of the CAP and to push for the recognition and support of existing commons.

Main activities include countering the invisibility of the commons with a digital platform directory, repository of case studies for commons, news and events related to commons, lobbying so that the CAP fosters resilient agriculture; contributes to climate objectives of the EU; fosters local and healthy food, multifunctional territories and cultural landscapes, etc.

EMENA Members involved: NGO Bios, CLS, IComunales, TyN, DQLCC, TWA, Asociación forestal de Soria, NFCFPA. Other Members: Centro De Estudios Rurales y Agricultura Internacional (CERAI), Centre de Coopération Internationale en Recherche pour le Développement (CIRAD), Sheffield Institute for International Development – University of Sheffield (SSID), ICCA Consortium