ILC EMENA operationalises its commitments through engagement strategies:

  1. On the National Level (NES - National Engagement Strategies)
  2. Transnationally (CBI - Commitment Based Initiatives)
  3. Building data and capacity among members (Facilities)

The goal of all National Engagement Strategies is to promote people-centred land governance at the country level.

Commitment Based Initiatives are initiatives shaped around a theme that relates to one or more of the ten ILC commitments to people-centred land governance, and are implemented across more than one country.

Facilities are initiatives shaped around a goal internal to the ILC EMENA platform meant to increase the capacity of members to collaborate and achieve goals.

All the platforms and facilities are interconnected by common goals in the ILC EMENA strategy and are assisted by the Regional Focal Point and ILC secretariat who provide technical and strategical support.

Member led platforms are ideally composed of the following elements:

  • A diverse platform of actors
  • A healthy host organization
  • A transformative strategy
  • An effective facilitator or focal point
  • A transparent governance mechanism